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Webzolve Marketing Linkedin Advertising Cork team support various advertising formats on LinkedIn, including: sponsored content, which appears in LinkedIn users’ feeds as they scroll through their connections’ posts; Linkedin Text ads that appear at the top, side, or bottom of the feed and can quickly grab users’ attention; and sponsored InMail messages sent directly to prospects in their LinkedIn Messenger inbox.

Did you know that 80% of B2B leads are generated on LinkedIn? You can use the power to generate more Linkedin leads for your business or organization. Additionally, with over 500 million business-people on the linkedin platform, there is huge potential for an active presence among users interested in your niche.

Increase Revenue With Linkedin

Since LinkedIn users have twice the purchasing power of the average internet audience, it is an important resource that Linkedin Advertisement could accelerate the growth of your business. LinkedIn data shows that 44% of the platform’s users earn more than $75,000 per year and 26% have incomes between $50,000 and $74,000. For B2B companies that want to target affluent audiences with their products and services, this is an important platform that you cannot ignore.

LinkedIn videos achieve higher engagement rates than regular posts. However, according to data released by the platform, live video takes it to the next level, generating more than seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments for brands compared to traditional video. They are more engaging for audiences, will live video streaming fit into your marketing strategy? Our LinkedIn team will develop a plan that aligns with your company or organization’s goals.

Linkedin Advertisement Cork

Targeting LinkedIn Advertisement

LinkedIn has over 200 targeting features that our LinkedIn advertising Cork experts can use to personalize your audience. This LinkedIn advertisement contains

Demographic data such as gender, age, interests, and physical location of the target audience;
Industry – from the company individuals work for to the size of the workforce
Job description – job title, seniority in the organization, fields of study, up to the degrees acquired
Audience matching, which uses data from LinkedIn along with data collected from your company, including web traffic and email lists, to select which users to target for marketing.
Our LinkedIn advertising solutions give you more precision to ensure you reach your desired audience.

Linkedin Sales Navigator
Linkedin Sales Navigator

Features like LinkedIn Sales Navigator are great for identifying and targeting the right buyers and personalizing content for your audience based on the information provided. This Linkedin Sales Navigator will bring you closer to the right people and attract more valuable leads. In fact, marketers who use LinkedIn Sales Navigator report 7% higher deal success rates.

LinkedIn is the leading social network for business. In survey after survey, the LinkedIn marketing strategy has been voted by sales professionals as the best strategy for finding, attracting, and nurturing high-quality B2B leads for your business.

No other platform allows you to identify key decision makers in your industry. You can then contact them online and start building a relationship. A successful LinkedIn marketing strategy ultimately ends with connecting with key decision makers offline.

Linkedin's Target

LinkedIn is a Business To Business social network.LinkedIn is the world’s largest specialist audience on the Internet. If you want to work with the big players in making connections, generating leads, and closing deals, Our linkedin advertising Cork experts need to spend more time on LinkedIn. Our linkedin advertising Cork experts can capture their attention and create dynamic jobs and campaigns that meet their professional needs.

LinkedIn Ads allow marketers to target specific professionals within a specific industry, Professional freelancers, digital creatives, start-ups, and even performing artists can use LinkedIn to expose their services to a different audience than other social networks.

LinkedIn marketing involves working through your own network, using both your current list of contacts and potential contacts in the broader LinkedIn community. Your efforts should also include linking your online activity to your LinkedIn profile and promoting your business online through your LinkedIn identity.

By managing your LinkedIn account, we can strengthen your brand’s personality. This platform also offers countless opportunities to attract potential customers based on the information from their LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn allows us to sell to those who really matter.

Linkedin Ads Cork


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