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facebook Ad services Cork


Facebook Ad Services

With our Facebook advertising management services, you can harness the power of the world’s largest social media network to grow your business. Our experts of Facebook ad services Cork take care of the entire process, from creating a personalized advertising campaign to launching and setting up facebook ads and monitoring their performance.

You get access to a huge pool of social networks and the Facebook ads are specifically tailored to your target group. You can drive valuable traffic to your website and run remarketing ads that connect visitors back to your website. Our experts of Facebook ad services Cork process various ad formats, from single image ads to photo and video ads to carousel and catalog ads.

What Are The Activity Involve In Facebook AD Services Cork ?

Our Facebook marketing strategies use mobile-friendly ads and incorporate demographic targeting to ensure they reach the desired audience. Our Facebook Ad Services Cork integrate the Facebook Pixel installation as part of the facebook Services to track traffic to your website, the pages visitors view and the actions they take. This is especially crucial when remarketing the website to visitors and when measuring and tracking leads.

Data-Based Approach

Various metrics are used when evaluating the performance of Facebook advertising results, from Facebook Ads Manager, which analyzes network performance, to Google Analytics metrics. Key performance indicators are defined and used to analyze campaign results,

Cost Of Facebook Ads

How much do you spend on your Facebook ads? According to our experts of Facebook Ad Services Cork the average cost per click (CPC) is $1.86. We will create a Facebook advertising campaign for you that will reduce your advertising spend while maximizing its impact to give you a higher return on investment on your marketing budget.

Brand Promotion

Tired of your Facebook ad performance stagnating? With our Facebook ad services you can increase your brand awareness on Facebook, save the time you spend on marketing so you can focus on your core business, optimize your ad clicks and conversions and get ahead. Your competitors.

How To Create Facebook AD

Have you tired of your Facebook ads performance stagnating? With our Facebook advertising services, you can increase your brand awareness on Facebook, save time on marketing, focus on your core business, optimize ad clicks and conversions, and achieve success.

To make this Facebook ad creation process we are going to explain step by step how to advertise on Facebook. And to make it even better, we’ve put together a checklist to help you keep track of all the details of your campaign.

You need a Facebook Page to advertise on Facebook, but you don’t have to advertise on Facebook to create a Page. In fact, it is a core element of any organic social media marketing strategy. You can create any of the above pages completely independently, directly from your Facebook profile. Or you can create it from Business Suite.

facebook ad services in Cork
Facebook Ad Account
Create Facebook Ad Account

To advertise, you need a Facebook page. In the left pane, select Pages, then click Add. Here you can either add an existing page, create a new page, or request access to a page (for example, when running ads for another business).

Our Facebook ad services Cork team enter your advertising account name, time zone, and currency, then click Next. Facebook will then ask you whether the advertising account is being used to manage advertising for the professional account through which you created that advertising account or for another company or customer.

You will be prompted to add people and permissions. Choose your name and give yourself full control over everything. Click “Assign,” then click “Add Payment Information.” You have now created an advertising account.

Adding Pixel To Website

The pixel is a small snippet of code that tells you what your ad viewers do once they land on your website. The information from the pixel helps you further optimize your ads and create Facebook retargeting audiences that tend to perform well.

To configure a pixel, go to Data Sources, select Pixel, and click Add on the right. Facebook will ask you if you want to install it manually or through an affiliate integration.

As part of the pixel configuration process, you will need to verify your domain and configure web events. You can always return to the domain verification process by navigating to Brand Safety > Domains, and you can also return to the event setup process by navigating to Event Manager.

Add Pixel To Website

Facebook Ad Campaign

You may Click the hamburger menu (All Tools) in the top left and select Ads Manager. Facebook offers three categories of campaign goals: awareness, consideration and conversion. Campaign Name: Use whatever you want, as long as it makes sense to you.
Special ad categories: If you fall into one of these special categories, indicate that here so you can take care of any additional documentation you may need to provide depending on Facebook advertising policies. Once you log in to Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll see a performance dashboard that lists all of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads, including the results they generated for your Facebook Page.

To create a new campaign, ad set, or ad from Facebook Ads Manager, navigate to the ad type you want to create. Click the green “Create” button on the far left of these ad types you can see that we are creating a new campaign.

Facebook Ads Manager, like many social media advertising networks, is focused on your campaign goal. Before you begin, Ads Manager will ask you to select a goal for your campaign:

facebook Ad Services Cork Ireland

Objective of Facebook Ad Campaign

Our Facebook Ads experts have the choice to select among eleven different destinations. The list includes everything from overall brand awareness to getting your app installed to driving traffic to your online store. By choosing one of these goals, you give Facebook a better idea of ​​what you want to do so it can present you with the most appropriate advertising options. The options are as follows:

Brand awareness, To Reach, Website traffic, Engagement,  App Installations, Video views, Lead generation, Messages, Conversions, catalogue sales, Traffic in the store.

If you want to drive more traffic to your website through this blog post. our Facebook AD Services Cork experts select the option, Facebook will ask you to enter the URL you want to promote.

If we use marketing automation software, be sure to create a unique tracking URL with UTM parameters to ensure you can track traffic and conversions for this ad. This can be done using the Tracking URL Generator. Facebook will then show you the most relevant advertising option to achieve this goal.

Facebook AD Analyse Findings

This Facebook AD format is extremely limited when it comes to tracking performance. Second, many features of Facebook Ads Manager are missed when only using boosted posts. The priority would be setting up the Facebook Ads Manager as well as adding the Facebook Pixel code to the website, which is crucial for running initial remarketing advertising campaigns. would be split between traffic and awareness campaigns. The next stage of the funnel is to target people who have shown good engagement with our ads during the awareness stage. 

People who watched more than 50% of our video ads or visited our website after viewing an ad or interacting with our Facebook carousel. Lastly, we would use Facebook remarketing to people who visited the site. We would use a lead generation campaign objective that highlights case studies of people who have used Company

Facebook Advertisement
Target Audiance
Key Audiance

In terms of targeting, our Facebook ad services Cork experts geo-target peri-urban residential areas near primary/secondary schools. The audience will include parents of children aged 7 to 15. More specifically, our Facebook ad services Cork experts will focus on developers in software, IT, or similar fields, because they know how important it is for their children to learn to code.

Our Facebook Ad Services Cork experts would target advertising at mothers/housewives as they are usually the main decision makers when it comes to their children’s extracurricular activities.

Facebook’s built-in targeting is extensive and includes options such as:

Location, Age, Gender, LANGUAGES, Relationship, Training, Work, Financially, Home,, Ethnic affinity, generation, Parents, Politics (US only), Life events, Interests, Behaviours, connections

Set Budget

Facebook allows you to set either a daily budget or a lifetime budget. Here’s how they differ from each other.

Daily budget. If you want your ad group to run continuously throughout the day, this is the option for you. Using a daily budget means Facebook times your daily spending. Note that the minimum daily budget for an ad group is $1.00 and must be at least twice your CPC.

Lifetime budget. If we want to run your Facebook ad over a specific period of time, our Facebook Ad Services Cork experts select the lifetime budget. This means that Facebook will spread your spending over the period you set for the ad to run.

The costs of advertising on Facebook are not tied to a fixed price, but vary depending on the reach and type of auction model as well as your company’s strategy.

Facebook Budget

Why use Facebook Advertisement

With Facebook’s massive audience (more than two billion monthly users), as well as its expanded targeting options and diverse ad types, Facebook is an advertising channel of choice for businesses looking to evolve.

At Webzolve Marketing, our experts of facebook Ad services Cork offer Facebook ad management and PPC services that help your business take full advantage of Facebook. From creating your ad strategy and creative to running your ads and tracking their performance, our experts of facebook Ad services Cork offer a complete Facebook advertising solution.

Facebook advertising offers several benefits in addition to investing in Facebook advertising services:

  • Our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork get access to the largest (and some of the most active) social networks.
  • Our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork get a competitive cost per click (CPC) that averages around $0.97.
  • Our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork create targeted advertising to reach your target audience.
  • Our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork can earn qualified leads at an average cost per acquisition (CPA) of $5.47.
  • Our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork use remarketing ads to re-engage with website visitors.
  • Our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork reach 1,000 people in your audience for an average cost of $7.19.
  • Our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork drive valuable social media traffic to your website

Advantages Of Facebook Advertisement

When our experts of Facebook Ad services Cork use Facebook ad management services, you also get these benefits:

Competent advice from qualified Facebook Ad services Cork experts (and a Meta Business Partner)
Competitive strategies based on years of experience of our Facebook Ad services Cork experts.

Our Facebook Ad services Cork experts have detailed knowledge of competitors to improve your campaign
Actionable reports that should inform our Facebook Ad services Cork team and improve your strategy
Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for data-driven campaigns

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